SundaySong hails from the city of Kotka, South-East Finland. The area of Kotka/Karhula has produced numerous bands in the metal music scene but there is also something else. SundaySongs musical influences may come from such bands as Mogwai, Anathema, Calla, Explosions In The Sky and Sigur Ros, but most of all, SundaySong sounds like SundaySong.

SundaySongs journey started years ago one sunday at a living room with Ile Eronen and Teemu Tolonen playing guitars and composing "sunday mood" songs. At first there was no intention to do any band activity. Just relaxing. Iles brother Ilpo Eronen came along with his bass and the band started to take shape. For couple of years these three guys composed and played songs just for their own pleasure. However, adding an important missing element to the band, Ilpo talked to Jari Heino (who was surprisingly a death metal singer) and asked him to join as a drummer.

In the year 2010 after some rehearsals and new arrangements band wanted to record some of their material. At this point Sini Hanttu (keyboards 2010-2011) joined the bands roster. They recorded five songs and Analogye EP was released (2010, 1. A Light Brighter Than The Sun, 2. Skeleton Key, 3. Your Ghost, 4. Trail Of Tears 5. Mist. Coldstore Productions). After Analogye EP Sini left the band due to a lack of time for band activity. In 2011 changes were in the air and Ilpo started to play third guitar and new bassist Juhana Haavisto was asked to join the band. With this assembly things clearly went in the right direction and SundaySongs sound felt just like what they were looking for.

After nearly two years of composing, rehearsing and arranging, band started to record their debut album in the beginning of 2013. At the moment the band is adding finishing touches to their debut album titled 'Down Wind, Down Sea', which will be released in the beginning of 2014. First single (and video) 'Arm Of The Sea' was released in November 2013. And the journey continues...

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